GS TRANS is a custom’s broker and an international freight forwarder with headquarters in Athens, Greece. The company creates bespoke logistics solutions that fall within global legislation. Provides high quality transportation services, short transit time and eases trade for overseas clients throughout Europe and the Globe. In terms of Corporate Social Responsibility aspires to raise the awareness of the urgent need to protect natural environment amid climate crisis.

Recently became accredited Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). The AEO status given by the European Union means that GS TRANS is a trusted broker that fulfils the highest European standards in terms of custom’s brokerage representation. The company meets the criteria to secure transhipments and generally cargo management. In general, the AEO concept was established to guarantee international supply chain security and to facilitate legitimate trade throughout Europe.


From the position of the Authorised Economic Operator, GS TRANS could bring two significant advantages to its clients. First, the company manages the bureaucratic hassle on behalf of them. Undertakes the paperwork and covers all the legal responsibilities that arise while in transaction with European Union and customs authorities. Second, as an AEO the company has the authority to ensure and certify that every freight transfer within Europe is legal and secure.


Moreover, as an Authorised Economic Operator the company is entitled to enjoy benefits within the European Union such as, recognition as a secure and safe business partner, enhanced relations with customs and other governing bodies, reduced theft and losses, fewer delayed shipments, better planning, improved customer service, lower inspection costs of suppliers and increased cooperation and growth.



We provide three storage facilities with 24/7 security on the premises. Our warehouses are conveniently located in Piraeus, Larisa Thessaloniki and Aspropyrgos.

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